March 10, 2017 SAFETY HARBOR –¬†Ezra Huleatt, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist¬†for Black Taxi, wraps up his stay as Safety Harbor Art and Music Center’s first Artist in Residence with a show at the SHAMC. Folks around the Tampa Bay Area have already come to expect this level of entertainment from SHAMC, and the crowd was not disappointed.

{9:17 pm} One more, a tribute to the hometown… loved and, for now, left. A song tribute to New York City caps off the evening.

{9:08 pm} If you feel the same way as I do tonight … I feel everything with you.

{9:00 pm} This song (and others) benefit Haiti relief.

{8:52 pm} Sharing the AiR experience with the audience.

{8:39 pm} Huleatt has a cold and commented that it’s impacting his vocals, but he’s not disappointing the audience.

{8:36 pm} Sadly, you can’t listen along, so more background info on the SHAMC Artist in Residence program. http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/music/safety-harbor-art-and-music-center-a-creative-home-for-national-musicians/2315789

{8:32 pm} The place less traveled by…

{8:23 pm} I should have brought a better mic. Hoping my iPhone mic pics up some of these vocal maneuvers as well as they sound here.

{8:15 pm} Todd Ramquist introducing EZ-RA, SHAMC’s first Artist in Residence. https://www.wmnf.org/wmnf_events/ezra-huleatt-lead-singer-black-taxi-solo-show/

{8:10 pm} “Have you seen him before?” “Yeah, that’s why I’m back.”

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